Building Analyst Group Inc, A licensed general contractor, certified inspector & building analyst company located in Salem Oregon. The owner of Building Analyst Group Inc, has 35 years hands on experience in commercial & residential buildings. Inspecting of residential & commercial buildings with a background in installation of HVAC-R equipment, home performance testing, building controls, electrical, data logging, air quality testing, health & safety, roofs, foundations, structural, etc.

Having worked in thousands of structures over the years it is always intriguing to begin a new project. 

Over the years we have traveled across country to conduct training and analyze building structures for energy management applications. We work with facility engineers and managers to implement long term EM programs & preventive maintenance procedures.  Residential home owners receive more than the standard home inspection from us. They also receive expert knowledge in the building envelope that most other inspectors lack.      


Certifications & Licenses


  • EPA: Environmental Protection Agency of Mainstream Engineering
  • itc: Infrared Training Center
  • IECC: International Energy Codes Certified
  • CAZ Combustion Appliances: "Gas, Oil" Flue Draft & Efficiency
  • BPT: Building Pressure Testing
  • Building Science "Energy Management" Certified
  • Energy Trust of Oregon Trade Ally
  • Member of OREIA "Oregon Real Estate Inspectors Association"
  • National Home Inspection Association
  • CCB: Oregon Contractors Board


Home Inspections

Visual oversight of the building envelope & components. We visually inspect the exterior and interior structure, roof, walls, plumbing, electrical, windows "glazing", floors, walls, drainage, doors, HVAC, water run off, foundation, insulation, etc. Inspection also includes testing plumbing, HVAC, pumps, motors, lighting, etc.

On request we will include additional services such as testing and measuring the air flow in the duct system, flue draft & efficiency testing of gas fired equipment, thermal imaging scans for air leakage and over heated electrical circuits, building pressure testing, radon testing, etc.

Building Science

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Building science consists of overall knowledge of the building envelope that includes, HVAC duct systems air flow testing, thermal & air barriers, air leakage , carbon monoxide testing, carbon dioxide testing, pressures testing, water intrusion, ventilation, flue draft testing, foundations, post & beam, health & safety & electrical systems. In our web site we cover many operational procedures for inspections and what we can offer to our clients. Building science training is separate from building inspection training. Building science testing may uncover potential issues of your structure that a standard inspection will not.     

Energy Management

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Building Analyst Group has a passion for reducing energy usage & inspections to protect your investment. Our focus has always been devoted in researching the latest technology to pass on to our clients. Building Analyst Group Inc, is a Sustainable & Environmental Business leader serving our clients. 

Data Logging 

Data Logging  Data collecting involves testing and recording operational HVAC systems, electrical devices, temperatures, moisture, gas & oil fired equipment, equipment condition, etc. We install electronics to monitor and record energy usage and accurately measure usage. For one day or one month we can monitor equipment from 5 amps to 200 amps. Then provide a spread sheet report. Inspections or energy audits data collecting is the first step.Example: Large warehouse freezers, are they performing efficiently?  Office HVAC systems? Gas fired equipment? Lighting? Once data has been gathered and reports are developed we can then determine the best solution to lower your overall utility usage. 


HVAC Duct Systems:


HVAC Duct Systems: The duct system is the heart of heating and cooling. Depending on the size of the air handler and the duct system will determine the efficiency and comfort zone of the building envelope. We find in many cases the duct system was either not balance correctly or the duct system was undersized. All air handlers display the cfm  from the data plate on the system. We take measurements to confirm air flow cfm at the system plenum and at each register. Then compare our readings with manufacture data sheet.

CAZ- combustion appliance zone.

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ICAZ- combustion appliance zone. In addition to inspections and data collecting we conduct a valuable service very few people know about.
Gas or oil fired equipment is very important to test the efficiency of equipment and also test the flue draft CO and spillage. This applies to both residential and commercial equipment. This also leads us to another important service.

Building pressures


Building pressures. Pressures affect the operation of gas / oil fired equipment. Pressures also involves fresh air exchanges in volume of air. All buildings should have fresh air exchanging. Read more about pressures...

Air Quality: With new technology we are able to test structures for radon, CO & CO2. Utilizing scientific meters and devices we can evaluate air quality and receive data the same day. More & more people are becoming more concerned about the air they breath at work and home.  

Radon Testing:

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Radon Testing: Radon testing in Oregon should be done on every home and business. Oregon has very high levels of radon within its region. I should know, our house had very high levels and did cause lung cancer. We provide the latest technology in radon testing. A 48 hour test using electronic equipment will provide you with a printed report & accurate results. 

Health & Safety

When we speak about health & safety we are speaking about the overall wellness of a structure. This includes air exchanges for air quality, radon levels, CO2 & CO levels, gas leaks, mold / mildew, chemical storage areas, asbestos materials, electrical issues, faulty framing, trip & fall areas, etc.

Building commissioning


 takes the same approach to new buildings. When a building is initially commissioned it undergoes an intensive quality assurance process that begins during design and continues through construction, occupancy, and operations. Commissioning ensures that the new building operates initially as the owner intended and that building staff are prepared to operate and maintain its systems and equipment. 



Medical Facility Pressure Testing:

I believe all medical facilities "mainly" hospitals rely on negative pressures indoors. Because of air born partials "germs" are widely present. People go to medical care facilities either for injury's or sickness. When you are sitting in a waiting room you are breathing everyone's germs. In operating rooms the last thing they need is contamination. So annually facilities should be inspected. We have been conducting pressure testing for many years. We can test room by room or the whole structure. The manometers used in conducting these tests measure in pascals. Pressure per sq inch. So we are measuring very small to large pressures.

Commercial LED Lighting:

For nearly a decade we have helped commercial business owners reduce energy usage. The most common way has been with LED lighting upgrades. Hundreds of businesses has benefited and reduce energy usage by 30% or more with lighting upgrades. 

Please review our web site to learn more about building science & inspections.    

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