LED Lighting Up-Grade 1000 Watt vs 285 Watt

As a energy management company we design, engineer,  sell & over see the installation of large scale projects each year.

We can take an existing 1000 watt pole light and reduce it to 285 watts. Provide better and more light then eliminate maintenance. Our custom design retro fit application we have been using for over three years has never failed us. Our 285 watt is a redundant lighting fixture with built in lighting control that no one else has. UL & DLC listed our clients receive cash incentives back. In addition with one of our LED fixtures it also has a built in lighting control to reduce your energy usage by 50% more during late night hours.

Most other service companies will use a single head LED to replace a 1000 watt HID. Usually they have to use 300 or 350 watts to produce enough light. While they still do not have the necessary optics to push the light to the ground, they come up short. If there driver or LED cluster fails the client is without light.

Our design has three built in modular's with three drivers. If one ever fails the client still has light from other two modular's.

While our competitor systems may over heat due to the heat sink ours has three heat sinks with three drivers. Our product has three small magnetite cooling fans to help reduce the heat load as well.

Was 1000 watt HID in each pole light with 60 watt ballast. Now, our 285 watts per pole. If you do not purchase from us, you are not receiving the best!



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