Energy Management Building Controls


 Notification Platform

    E-mail notifications are sent to you, your service company and us if your refrigeration walk-ins / reach-ins temperatures increase!

    Ever experience the loss of refrigerated merchandise? Protect your investment with our refrigeration alarm controls. We offer cloud base technology building controls / sensors to monitor temperatures, KWHs, AMP loads and lighting controls.

    Restaurant kitchens AC is reduced to accommodate for heat loads. In some cases your guests having dinner are freezing. With our controls in place you will be able to balance HVAC systems. By placing a thermo sensor in the dinning area and another one in the kitchen, now you see in real time temperature differences. Additional sensors are able to monitor duct supply and return air temperatures. With our smart T-stat in place you have the ability to monitor in real time and review stored data.

      Refrigeration Equipment: Our low voltage controls with sensors operate on a small amount of electricity. All controls send data 24/7 to our gateway. The gateway stores all data for a period of seven months on site.  By installing a small UPS battery backup will continue to store data during power outages. During late night hours if a building lost power to a refrigeration unit we still will have stored data.


    In many cases the HVAC system is one of the most difficult costs to control. Thermostats not being programed or set to normal temperatures on unoccupied rooms. Most of the time temperature are either to warm or to cold. Also maid services make adjustments while cleaning the room. Rooms to cold or hot once the maid leaves the room. No problem, our software platform will notify you so adjustments can be made remotely. Or by programming the built in calendar all rooms can be programmed to self adjust at check-in time. Example: At 2:00 pm all rooms go to 69 degrees. If the room is being occupied they will simply adjust to there comfort zone. If the room is not occupied, you just saved hundreds of KWHs.

When you are being charged 30% more by your electrical company during peak hours with rooms being unoccupied, we can prevent this.



Energy Management Refrigeration

    Our cloud base software will record how long equipment has been operating with average amp draws and temperatures. With consistent motoring all equipment's data is being recorded 24/7. Providing the answers you need when making operational changes. Make sure you are on top of changes before they happen.


Cut sheets,

Air Connect Wireless Controller

Wireless Load Controller

Wireless Gateway


  • Remote temperature monitoring is the term used to describe a specific type of system. This can be either a wireless or wired electronic temperature monitoring system. Wireless and wired temperature monitoring is a very broad class, and we think the technological advancements and configuration of features makes it deserving of a whole new level.
  • Temperature & Power Loss Alarms.
  • The insurance industry reported $4.2 billion dollars in claims due to water damage alone from broken or frozen pipes. The Loss of Power is the primary cause. Our alarm devices can help minimize extensive damage to property by notifying the owner when the power is out or if temperatures decline.
  • Food Service Alarm Systems.
  • Monitor and document food storage in your freezers and refrigerators to insure HACCP compliance.
  • Medical refrigeration units are used to store medicines.  If refrigeration units fail due to power outages during late hours they regain power all medical medicines would be expired. However who would know? The consumer would receive bad medicine.

Most States and Local Inspectors are insisting on electronic data capture. Guard against accidental defrosting and loss of expensive fridge/freezer contents by monitoring temperature fluctuations, power loss and open doors.

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