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Do you have family or employees that complain about feel sick or headaches all the time? 

We can analyze your building by installing data loggers to monitor CO & CO2. These gases carry many types of contaminants. When we think about CO & CO2 we think about gas fired equipment. However CO2 comes from many types of man made devices. Certain rubbers, building materials and chemicals disburse these gases. Even living near a freeway or airport can cause these levels to be much higher than normal. 

The only way to analyze these gases is by using scientific meters to measure. We use data loggers to monitor for long periods of time. In addition to health & safety radon testing should also be conducted. EMF is also another suspect in bad air. Elector Magnetic Frequency. EMF could be coming from a nearby power line or the electrical in your structure.   

Why is my carbon dioxide level high?

High carbon dioxide (bicarbonate) levels may be caused by: Vomiting, dehydration, blood transfusions, or overuse of medicines that contain bicarbonate (especially antacids).

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What causes elevated co2 levels in blood?

Changes in your CO2 level may suggest that you are losing or retaining fluid. This may cause an imbalance in your body's electrolytes. CO2 levels in the blood are affected by kidney and lung function. The kidneys help maintain the normal bicarbonate levels.Apr 30, 2015

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What does it mean when you have high carbon dioxide in your blood?

Causes of High Carbon Dioxide in the Blood. ... A high level of carbon dioxide in theblood, called hypercapnia, is usually accompanied by an increase in breathing to help return levels to normal. Acute, or short-term, hypercapnia is generally caused by respiratory failure or diminished gas exchange in the lungs.

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What happens when there is too much carbon dioxide in the blood?

Respiratory failure also can occur if your lungs can't properly remove carbon dioxide(a waste gas) from your bloodToo much carbon dioxide in your blood can harm your body's organs. Both of these problems—a low oxygen level and a high carbon dioxide level in the blood—can occur at the same time.Dec 19, 2011

What Is Respiratory Failure? - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

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What effect does carbon dioxide have on the human body?

Carbon dioxide in its gas form is an asphyxiant, which cuts off the oxygen supply for breathing, especially in confined spaces. Exposure to concentrations of 10 percent or more of carbon dioxide can cause death, unconsciousness, or convulsions.Apr 19, 2017

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