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Building Analyst Group Inc, licensed Oregon & Idaho home & business inspector offers real estate building inspections. Experiences over time with the numerous building styles and products have proven to be the best experience in this industry. Prior to home inspections, the owner of Building Analyst Group, spent nearly 30 years in the building trades. From new construction to existing homes to commercial properties. Approx, 15 recent years "the owner" spent most of his time in building efficiency upgrades and testing. Earning his credentials in energy management & building science has enhanced his inspection skills. Our inspections are driven by developing new technology to this industry while focusing on buyers, sellers and investors. Buyers, sellers & investors need a fair deal.    

Inspecting a home or business structure while it is empty only provides some answers and is why we can offer to incorporate diagnostic testing on request. The visual inspection or standard inspection can be done by any experienced licensed inspector. Depending on that inspectors skills, knowledge and experience will dictate the outcome of the inspection. By implementing testing will reveal more answers than questions.However the problem within this industry is that buyers, sellers and investors expect a standard inspection to reveal all the answers,when in fact it does not.  

Question, would you purchase a car without driving it first? This is what you are doing when you purchase a home or business with just a standard inspection. We understand that buyers and sellers want quick answers about the property, and most inspectors want a quick inspection. Why not spend extra time on a home or business testing the HVAC air flow, temperatures, amp draws on the equipment "compressors & motors", test the gas furnace & "HWH" hot water heater for flue draft and efficiency. 

  •  Having unparalleled experience inspecting estate homes, we have positioned ourselves at the top of the industry.
  • We provide testing services to evaluate gas & oil fired equipment for efficiency, HVAC air balancing, verify energy usage & savings plus health & safety concerns. The knowledge and field experience we bring to our clients will provide more insight to how well or poorly your home or business will operate under normal load conditions. 

Test results on the mechanical equipment installed in a home or business will provide more details of its condition.    

Some real estate agents may not want testing because it could only create more negotiating tactics. However we believe by the realtor offering this service will put more trust in the deal. 

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Business Values

  • Military Veteran

  • 19 Years in Oregon as a General Contractor

  • Certified Building Analyst

  • Certified Inspector

  • Over 10,000 building assessments performed, commercial & residential

  • $1,000,000 in Professional Liability insurance lets you know we are serious, responsible and stand behind our work.

  • Full time Client Care Coordinators assist you with Building Analyst Group Concierge Serviceensuring you have a real live person to connect with when you call.

  • An actual office with staff shows you we are here to stay and will be around tomorrow. We are not operating out of a truck or someone's home garage.

  • Industry best computer generated reports, including photos are emailed to you upon completion, ensuring a timely delivery of the information you need.

  • We have taken the time to incorporate many other certifications, education and licensing to be applied to our inspections. You will not find this with other inspection companies. 


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