Building Analyst Group Inc,

Residential & Commercial Inspection's, building evaluations & building testing service's.

Over 30 years experience in residential and commercial building trades. Hands on experience in installations and as a service technician.  

Our certifications & licensing, National Home Inspections, OCHI-Oregon Certified Home Inspections, "BPI" Building Performance Institute, "IECC" International Energy Code Collation, "EPA" Environmental Agency Engineering, "itc" Infrared Training Center, "PTCS" Performance Testing Comfort Systems.

The importance of the building envelope consists of knowing how homes and commercial buildings are constructed and how the infrastructure backbone work in conjunction with each other in each climate zone. Building science and environmental experience should be applied to every inspection.         

Building Analyst Group provides non evasive & evasive inspections and quantitative testing, such as measuring and documenting foundations, plumbing, HVAC equipment, electrical motors, duct leakage, ventilation, air flow, building air leakage, building controls, electrical, lighting, water usage, air quality testing, roofs, structural, etc. 

When we conduct non evasive inspections we usually see more deficiencies than a standard inspection simply because of the years of experience and building science training. On commercial projects we work with facility engineers and managers to implement long term efficiency programs & preventive maintenance procedures. In addition to commercial facilities we have managed to implement existing building controls such as lighting, electrical motors, gas fired equipment and ventilation to operate more efficiently. 

The technology and experience we deliver to our clients is above standard! 



    Residential & Commercial Inspections

    Visual oversight of the building envelope & components. We visually inspect the exterior and interior structure, roof, walls, plumbing, electrical, windows "glazing", floors, walls, drainage, doors, HVAC, water run off, foundation, insulation, etc.

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    On request we will include additional services such as testing and measuring the air flow in the duct system, flue draft & efficiency testing of gas fired equipment, thermal imaging scans for air leakage, building pressure testing, radon testing, etc.

    Building Science

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    We incorporate our building science training and experience with building inspections. By doing so we do discover building defects that is not normally seen. 


    Property investments.

    Leasing or buying a property is an investment. The client is relying on the inspector and inspection report to provide a detailed assessment of that property. It is a big responsibility of the inspector not to miss defects that will cost thousands of dollars. No one wants surprizes!      

    As a consumer, you will find numerous inspection companies available for hire. We suggest this decision not be made based solely on whose services are the cheapest. Here are a few reasons to choose Building Analyst Group Inc.:

    • Over 1000 building assessments performed.
    • $1,000,000 in Professional Liability insurance lets you know we are serious, responsible and stand behind our work.
    • Full time Client Care Coordinators assist you with Building Analyst Group Concierge Serviceensuring you have a real, live person to connect with when you call.
    • An actual, real office with staff shows you we are here to stay and will be around tomorrow. We are not operating out of a truck or someone's home garage.
    • Building Analyst Group, Industry best computer generated reports, including photos are emailed to you upon completion, ensuring a timely delivery of the information you need.
    • We have taken the time to incorporate many other certifications, education and licensing to be applied to inspections. You will not find this with other inspection companies. 


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