Equipment Monitoring

    By incorporating our cloud energy management platform you will be in constant control over energy usage and data collecting, freeing you or employees to focus on other tasks. 

    We monitor your equipment twenty-four hours a day seven days a week to make sure you are immediately notified of any failures or concerning amp over loads, increase in refrigeration temperatures, room temperatures, duct temperatures, moisture levels, boiler temps, etc.

    During late night hours if power is lost to a refrigeration unit will still send data and store it. If the AC switch does not detect power you / we will receive an alert letting you know that device lost power.

The Connect CLOUD platform is a low-cost, high-value solution that provides solid return on
investment for small to medium sized commercial buildings. By monitoring and controlling high
consumption building loads like HVAC, Refrigeration, Lighting, Pumps and Ventilation
Connect CLOUD energy products reduce costs and create significant maintenance savings for
business owners.

Unlike any other product range in this space, Connect CLOUD products are self-organizing and self-deploying.  They are simple to install and require no complex commissioning programming.




 Energy management controls are the best way to connect your electrical or mechanical equipment to the cloud.

  1. Connect our sensors & relays to existing refrigeration equipment
  2. Electrical motors
  3. Lighting
  4. Main electrical panel
  5. HVAC / R
  6. Boilers
  7. Cooling towers
  8. Telecommunication rooms

System Features:

    Utilize live monitoring or review live equipment history to access and troubleshoot problems in real time, or identify inconsistencies before they can cause trouble.

Alarm control:

     Built in interface incorporates our software / controls to an advanced alarm notification system.

    Our systems are redundant and constantly monitoring and logging equipment data, If any device loads or temperatures increase, or exceed the specification we will send you alerts through E-mail channels and/or can alert support staff to preform and onsite inspection.  Programming our cloud platform calendar, 24 hour controls allows you to do away with expensive photo sensors and timers.

    Identifying the problem before your technician is onsite. This will save you money and costly downtime. By having the power to identify inconsistencies and potential failures quickly you are able to take the action required with all the data you need from anywhere.

    With our monitoring platform, you have the ability to choose the products you want and are not locked-in to a particular manufacturer or supplier.  Our controls connect to existing equipment through wi-fi or hard wire. If you do not have wireless internet we can still hard wire all controls.

    Local data storage: With our equipment platform in place, load controller, air connect and gateway they all communicate with each other without Ethernet.

  • Additional sensors will provide the following
  • HVAC indicator shows room temperatures (this is our wireless thermostat)
  • Monitor refrigeration liquid lines high or low side
  • Monitor internal refrigeration temperature of walk-in's & reach-in's
  • Monitor if power is being delivered to electrical equipment
  • Load Lighting, program lighting to turn off & on or any electrical device
  • Monitor compressor amp loads start up and running
  • Monitor stack temperatures of gas / oil fired equipment
  • Monitor steam or ammonia lines
  • Monitor water usage
  • System maintains logs and has available desktop and mobile alerts when parameters are reached
  • Monitor duct supply temperatures 24 hours a day

Benefits and added features:

  • Verify all equipment is in working order and running at the manufactures specification

  • Logs allow you to separate function and temperature history by preset or custom date and time

  • Program lights based on time, using calendar settings.
  • Get rid of timers or photo senors for lighting, control all your appliances from one interface
  • Everyday our controls adjust in real-time, saving you up to 30%

  • Review high and low pressure temperatures
  • Troubleshoot a mechanical device remotely
  • Program one-hundred or more separate room controls

  • Perform your own energy audits.

  • Set up and program each device individually

  • Set custom notifications by device, zone, or sensor range.

  • Preventive maintenance is conducted by using our controls

  • Monitor from anywhere in the world!

  • Keep track of electrical usage and compare past numbers

  • Program a light schedule to save money and/or aid in security while you are away

  • Generate Spread sheet reports

Technical requirements: See more...

    Though all browsers should be compatible with Our monitoring controls, we recommend Firefox. If you don't have it, you can download it here.

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