New Home Inspection

New Home Inspection


New Home Move In Inspection

Buying a home is the start of a new chapter for many home buyers as it is also one of the most important purchase decisions one will make. Let Building Analyst Group provide you with the confidence to purchase a new constructed home. 

When you purchase a new home the last thing you want is ISSUES!

After the home has been constructed it has under gone a number of inspections by the city or county. Electrical, plumbing, structure, foundation and mechanical. However nothing has been fully tested. And all the small things such as paint, drywall, HVAC, ventilation, plumbing, drainage, and electrical has not been tested fully. 

The last thing a new home buyer wants is, purchase the home, move in and then find issues. The home may have a warranty, however calling the contractor and scheduling appointments to have these issues repaired can be a challenge or take weeks and perhaps months. 

The smart thing to do is to have the new home inspected by an un bias professional before closing the deal. This way you can be assured all repairs are done very quickly. 

Construction phase: We provide construction phase inspections. This means we are on site during the building phase and we also coordinate with the builder. 

We conduct Move In inspections on new homes

When you purchase a new home you expect the home to be perfect. However the home has never been lived in therefore the home has never been placed under load. Our blue ribbon inspection is nearly the same as a standard inspection. However standard inspections do not inspect paint, carpets, all electrical equipment and appliances. 

We place all electrical devices under load. This includes HVAC system, lighting, wall outlets, etc. We test the air flow of the duct system and check temperature differentials. At the electrical panel we also measure amp loads to assure proper usage. Check for grounding vs neutral connections. 

The attic framing, insulation is also inspected. We look for water damage or leaks. Interior ceiling paint and nailers are inspected.  Many times we find drywall nail heads popping out. Interior doors, windows are all tested. We check the appliances, refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, doors & windows, and even run a radon test. 

Exterior plumbing, grading, water shed, fountains, pumps, drainage, fire pits, spas, is closely inspected. 

New Homes: In some cases during construction if we are hired to inspect a new home, we expect to visit the site several times during construction phase.  Many defects are simply covered up during this phase and are not discovered until years later. These types of defects can be very costly. Do yourself a favor and spend an extra few dollars now instead of thousands later.

Why Wait? Let us save you money.