How to prepare your sellers for their Home Inspection . At Building Analyst Inspections, we understand the process and want to assist in making it as smooth as possible. Preparing properly for the Home Inspection can alleviate delays and additional concerns. The following are a few tips that can help sellers to prepare:

 All utilities on and Inspection ready

  • Be sure gas, water, and electric are on and working in the home prior to the inspection.
  •  Unlock electrical panel, gates, etc.
  • All electrical circuit breakers should be in the “on” position.
  • Have all pilot lights on at gas appliances. 

Provide clear access to attic access openings, crawl space, garage, water heater, closets, basement, electrical panel and other mechanical systems.

  •  Clear out all non-visible or highly congested areas.
  • Open all window coverings and remove obstructions from window and door openings.
  • Clear out storage items from the oven or stove.

 Protect your Property: o Secure all pets.

  •  Protect clothing and personal items near closet attic access opening as insulation can fall when entering the attic.
  • Place all breakables, antiques and over valuables in a safe place to prevent accidental damage.

 Prepare for System Tests:

  • Pre-set the heating/cooling thermostat to 70-78F.
  • Turn off load controller. o Load your dishwasher if you choose! The inspector will run it during the inspection.
  • Provide operating instructions for any specialized or unique equipment.
  •  Note any systems you do not wish to be tested or used during the inspection.

 Provide any pertinent information that may affect the property or the inspection. 

 Expect a minimum of 2-4 hours for the average home. A general rule of thumb is an hour per 1000 sq. feet; age and additional equipment (i.e. Pool) may add time.

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