CZ has been a leader in technology and professional building services for years. CZ conducts building maintenance and installs energy efficient equipment, designed green building projects. 

If your home or business has areas that are not staying comfortable, there are many reasons why. 

We have been in this industry for nearly 40 years. 

What makes us different? We have worked in all climate zones across America. Our building science certifications makes us one of the best solutions. From extreme dry climates to the most humid. We have seen just about everything in poorly built building concepts to undersized duct systems.   

We have a great reputation with small to large accounts. 

Commercial Maintenance

It takes a professional with years of experience to create a very unique type of comfort living space. 

Many say that they can, but only a few succeed! CZ Solutions is very versatile, with over 30 years in the construction trades has earned us trust. We speak a great deal about certifications because we feel they hold a great value. While many contractors will sub out specialty work, we conduct everything in house. 

Consulting to our clients helps them understand all areas of building science. Conducting pre and post inspections collecting real time data provides a base line. Then shows improvements. Without this theory you have no proof. Just because you say you did means very little.  

Tracking job performance can be the best solution for your clients.  

Why Wait? Let us save you money.