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Our Inspections comply with the scope of work specified in ASTM E2018 and includes a comprehensive visual building condition inspection of the building's construction with customized inspection templates.

Our testing comply with EPA, PTCS, ICC, state & federal regulations. Our ADA-American Disabilities Act complies with federal regulations. Our air quality testing complies with state & federal EPA regulations.

Welcome to Building Analyst Group Inc.

For over two decades Building Analyst Group Inc, a licensed general contractor for 20 years has helped clients in all sectors maximizing their investment and minimizing risk with comprehensive commercial property inspections. From large projects such as multi-location inspections across multiple states, to small local projects. Building Analyst Group Inc, offers consistent quality, professionalism to ensure the integrity of your investment.

We have over 35 years in the construction trades. 20 years as a licensed general contractor, electrical, mechanical, infrastructure, inspections, building codes, & 10 years in building science. Building Analyst Group Inc, does more than building inspections. We provide testing for indoor air quality, “TAP” HVAC-R equipment testing, duct systems, electrical, refrigeration, restaurant equipment and much more.

Building Inspection Coverage

Exterior: soil erosion, parking, lighting, foundations, slabs, stem wall, roofing material / roofing truss system upper & lower timbers, bearing loads - wind loads - snow loads, cladding - siding, structural framing. Is your building ready for a earthquake? With new laws in effect the exchange of ownership may surprise you! More importantly ADA-”American Disabilities Act”, compliance for our disabled.

The roofing structure and framing of each building is of the most importance, main support beams are sometimes overlooked by less experienced inspectors. The exterior grounds surrounding the building has a large impact on the foundation. Hydrostatic pressures or faulty poor workmanship will cause failure. Commercial buildings are engineered & built different when compared to residential, you need a qualified experienced company.

Interior: electrical, plumbing, flooring, mold, dry rot, fire suppression systems, first aid stations, mechanical, HVAC-R equipment, boilers, HWH “hot water heaters”gas fired equipment, ventilation, test paint and drinking water for lead on request. Radon testing is something we also conduct utilizing electronic equipment, sewer pipe scope inspection when needed. Windows, doors, glazing areas, insulation & all contribute to air leakage and higher energy bills. These areas are inspected and noted on the report.

Environmental: building testing will conclude if the building has clean or poor air quality. We provide testing on CO, CO2, formaldehyde, PCBs, lead testing in soil, building materials, electronic radon testing, hvac air flow & temperature.

Property Condition Reports: Also with change of use, you might be inheriting the toxic byproducts of past industrial processes that ceased to operate long before the current investor arrived on the scene. There may not be any old drums around, but hazards may still be present. This is where a Phase 1 environmental assessment is a critical component of your evaluation of the property.

Another concern with large open industrial spaces is uneven grade settlement beneath large expanses of concrete slab floor. This can result in cracking where the slab is no longer sufficiently supported. Care needs to be taken to correctly identify the problem, however, since slabs will also crack from shrinkage during curing or from normal aging.

Most building failures or issues will surface long after the warranty has expired. Inspecting new buildings are as important as existing buildings TEN years old or older.

Building testing : to evaluate air leakage, moisture intrusion, air quality, gas & oil fired equipment for efficiency, HVAC air balancing, verify energy usage / energy savings plus health & safety concerns.

Commercial Building Inspections

should be left up to professionals. Costly mistakes may occur by hiring a regular home inspector for commercial inspections. Always do your due diligence before hiring an inspector. I believe our certifications, knowledge & licensing speaks for itself. Condition Property Reports, Building Inspections and testing is our primary objective!

You will find that our inspections are detailed, professional, combined with narrative reporting including hundreds of photos in every report.

Some clients are looking for that inexpensive inspection company to save a few dollars. We are competitive and will always provide above satisfaction workmanship. Not all inspectors are created equal!

Building Analyst Group Inc, is a multi level inspection company offer:ing, Building Inspections, Building Testing, Thermography, Vibration Analysis , Indoor Air Quality Testing, HVAC “TAB” Temperature Air Balancing Data Logging, Temperatures, Humidity, Electrical.... Local & Nationally Certified : “OCHI-ASHI-EPA-ICC

Inspection & Testing Chart

Chart Displays Clients Request

Regardless of the level of Commercial Building Inspection (Property Condition Report) ordered, our inspector will find:

  • Inadequate design

  • Improper maintenance or worn systems

  • Equipment nearing the end of its useful life

  • Associated cost with repairs

  • Building code violations

  • Poor workmanship

Testing we provide, click on image to see more details.