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Diagnostic Testing

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Our pre inspection process is simple & affordable. Same day easy to read detailed narrative reports. All homes will have minor to serious issues that we will find! Providing the buyer with negotiating power to reduce the purchase price. All inspections are not the same! 

30 years experience in the building trades as a building analyst & building inspector that covers the framework from engineering and discovery of building science issues to installations. We have incorporated our building science experience into building inspections. By doing so provides far more details to our inspections. . .  "click" to see detailed inspection coverage. 

Test Drive Your Investment Before Buying!

Test drive means, we place the structure under load, turn all lights, electrical equipment on.Gas appliances on, exhaust fans on...more.......... 

We offer diagnostic testing to commercial & residential buildings to evaluate air leakage, moisture intrusion, air quality, gas & oil fired equipment for efficiency, HVAC air balancing, verify energy usage / energy savings plus health & safety concerns.


Commercial inspections should be left up to professionals. Costly mistakes may occur by hiring a regular home inspector. Always do your due diligence before hiring an inspector. I believe our resume speaks for itself. 

Commercial inspections include additional services such as building recommissioning, mechanical equipment evaluations, HVAC duct air flow balancing / measuring air flow in the duct systemflue draft & efficiency testing of gas fired equipment, thermal imaging scans for air leakage, building pressure testing & electronic radon testing on request. The infrastructure of the building is also included. We offer whole building approach or system approach.

Over the years, we have performed commercial installations, inspections and testing on multi-family dwellings– duplex, triple, up to and including, motels, hotels, gas stations, convenience stores. We also offer commercial inspection services for shopping centers, large office buildings and multi-use buildings. 


Leasing or buying a property is an investment. Our clients depend on the inspector and inspection report to provide a detailed assessment of that property. It is the responsibility of the inspector not to miss defects that will cost thousands of dollars later. No one wants surprises!     

 Termite & Pest Inspection

Termite & Pest Inspection

 Mold & Mildew

Mold & Mildew

 Luxury Home Inspection

Luxury Home Inspection

 HVAC Air Flow Balancing

HVAC Air Flow Balancing

New Construction Inspections
For Added Confidence at Each Stage of the Building Process

Pre-Drywall Inspections. During a Pre-Drywall Inspection, we are looking for problems that will be hidden once the drywall goes up. Use our report as evidence of defects the builder should repair before the insulation and drywall is installed.

What types of problems will my inspector find?

  • Damaged, Moldy, or Improperly Cut Lumber
  • Improper Supports
  • Improper Protection for Pipes and Wires
  • Improper Air Seal Up or Fire Stopping
  • Inadequately secured or damaged ductwork
  • Foundation Damage
  • Defective or Missing Materials
  • Potential Water Intrusion Areas

Final Walk-Through Inspections

Gain piece-of-mind before moving into your new home! We will be testing and observing the finished product for proper installation and performance.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Don’t get stuck with undetected problems that your builder should correct! Call us before your One-Year Builder’s Warranty Expires. Identify defects now with an independent third party inspection that documents problems you’ve encountered since moving in, as well as others you may not yet be aware of.