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When choosing a home inspector how do you know you are getting the best? Certifications, licensing and years of experience should be the only things important, right!

The home owner can only go by what they read and hear. A company that has spent years in the field and has taken the time to earn more education to better serve the client is the one I would pick.

ASHI & ICC certified home inspector in Bend Oregon.

Certifications for testing & measurements. CAZ, EPA, BA, PTCS, itc

We are the only home & business inspection company in the Pacific Northwest with the licensing and certifications to provide the highest quality inspection services. Include over 30 years experience, why hire anyone else!


Keep your family safe! 


We place 100% guarantee on our inspections.

At Building Analyst Group, we have earned the trust of America by consistently exceeding the highest quality service standards. We understand that a poor inspection not only represents a loss in your time, it also represents a loss in your investment. That’s why we work hard to pay attention to every detail in the inspection process.

The first thing you need to know about home inspections:

  • There’s the excitement — the inspection could be the longest time you’re in the house, after the showing.

  • What if the inspector finds something wrong? So wrong you can’t buy the house?

  • Seriously, is this whole home-buying process over yet?

  • So take a deep breath. Because the most important thing to know about home inspection: It’s just too good for you, as a buyer, to skip. Here’s why.

  • We place ourselves in your shoes because yes we own a home!

A Home Inspector Is Your Protector

An inspector helps you make sure a house isn’t hiding anything before you commit for the long haul. (Think about it this way: You wouldn’t even get coffee with a stranger without checking out their history.)

A home inspector identifies any reasonably discoverable problems with the house (a leaky roof, faulty plumbing, etc.). Hiring an inspector is you doing your due diligence. To find a good one (more on how to do that soon), it helps to have an understanding of what the typical home inspection entails. 

Our certified inspectors provide thorough, detailed home inspections that can be augmented with a variety of other applicable inspections like pools, spas, septic systems and more. Our Commercial & Home Building Inspections comply with the scope of work specified in ASTM E2018 and includes a comprehensive visual inspection of the building's construction including the following:

Building Analyst Group Inc, offers Bend Oregon home building inspections, and we offer more services than our competitors. Inspecting a home while it is empty only provides some answers. Clients need the biggest bang for their dollars and is why we offer more.

We offer indoor air quality testing which includes, CO, CO2, Formaldehyde, Airborne Mold plus hundreds of other types of chemicals. In addition we utilize the latest technology in radon testing on request.

On request we can also test your home’s gas fired appliances. Your gas fired furnace emits Carbon Monoxide right. Want to know if it is drafting properly? Or what about that wood burning fireplace. Has it or will it fill up your new home with smoke or CO /CO2? We can test and answer that question in 20 minutes after running a test.

With nearly 30 years in the building trades our focus is to provide the consumer with satisfactory & professional services. When you hire us you get a licensed & certified home inspector and my assistant. So you receive two inspectors.

Our Home Inspections comply with the scope of work specified in ASTM E2018 and includes a comprehensive visual inspection of the building's construction including the following:

Standard visual inspections cover

  • Furnace and AC Units

  • Electrical Panels & Outlets

  • Chimney

  • Water Heater

  • Roof and Gutters

  • Kitchen Appliances / Countertops

  • Kitchen Cabinets

  • Foundation / Framing

  • Grading Landscaping

  • Driveways / Sidewalks

  • Porches / Decks

  • Stairs / Railings

  • Fences / Retaining Walls

  • Mold / Mildew

  • Wood boring insects

  • Attics / Insulation

  • Ventilation

  • Floors / Walls / Ceilings

  • Doors and Windows

  • Siding and Trim

  • Plumbing System

  • Bathrooms

  • Basements / Slabs

  • Sump Pumps

  • Garages / Carports

After we provide our professional visual inspection on the home or business, there are a few more interesting procedures you may consider. 

  • Chimney Inspection Video: The interior lining of a fireplace chimney should be inspected prior to the purchase of a home, this may save you an additional expense. This inspection should be done after the chimney has been cleaned. We check for cracks and defects that are not covered by a standard inspection.

  • Pressurization test inspection on a home or business that has gas fired appliances: Very important that all fossil fuel appliance's will draft properly and burn efficiently. Back drafting of carbon monoxide will happen when a home has negative pressure. Exhaust fan's, leaky HVAC ductwork will cause negative pressure.

  • HVAC Airflow measurements and temperature difference in the duct system would pay for itself in the long run. Taking temperature measurements from the supply and return duct system will provide information on efficiency and defects. Taking airflow CFM measurements will also provide operational defects if any.