Building Evaluation / by CZ Energy Management

New Orleans LA.

A restaurant business owner called us in to evaluate his building. This business has many interior and exterior lighting fixtures. He had quotes from three other companies. After reviewing his utility bill we came to the conclusion it was not just lighting usage that was causing high energy usage. Upon our evaluation we found inside of his business high negative pressures. The negative pressures were being caused by several things. One being his draft hoods for the gas fired equipment were turned up to high sucking 75% of his conditioned air out. The second issue were large holes torn open in supply duct lines in the attic.  The AC units was running 24/7 trying to keep up.

This was also effecting his walk-in refrigeration units. The negative pressures were so great it was pulling open the doors by a half inch. Just enough that no one ever noticed it. The wall of the walk-in is located to the exterior wall where the refrigeration lines are coming in. Lines not sealed letting in fresh air unconditioned. So now his refrigeration compressors were also running 24/7.

We did the calculations on the amount of amps these units were using. Now it all made sense. When we did the calculations on lighting it gave us a number on KWHs used. KWHs being used for the entire building was four times greater.

If this business owner had replaced all his lighting and spent thousands of dollars he would have been very disappointed. We have many stories to tell however this one really is remembered.

Just because you think you know what the problem is may not be!

Many people are unaware of building pressures and how they can cause serious issues.