LED Lighting / by CZ Energy Management

I'm sure by now you have heard all the pros and cons of LEDs. For the most part they are all true.

Consumers beware: There are hundreds if not thousands of LED manufactures in Asia. Only a hand full produce quality LEDs. In the past  several years we spent thousands of dollars in research to locate the best quality. 90% of what we had purchased were trash when we first started exploring LED lighting.

Ever look up at an LED when it is on? Very bright. How much of that light actually makes it to the ground where you need it? We see this problem all the time. Try it before you buy it!

Snake oil salesmen! LED sales are very competitive and some of these sales people will tell you just about anything to get you to purchase from them. I remember one sales person named Andy. Andy would promise you the moon.

Auto dealership in Portland Oregon.

Andy told the dealership that his 95 watt LEDs would replace there existing 1000 watt fixtures. Anyone with common sense knows this could never happen. Being high put LEDs were still new in 2013 the dealership didn't know any better. The end result was extremely terrible. This dealership spent thousands of dollars and got stuck with a bag of #$@.  Andy is still out there!

Always do your homework first before buying. Visit several site installations to look at the product. Speak with the owner of that business. Whatever you do, do not go on the word of people or businesses that call themselves lighting professionals. Always refer to a professional that holds certifications in building science. Building science experts generally conduct testing and calculations to get the answer.