6 Reasons your business should go green. / by CZ Energy Management

One of the smartest things your business can do is go green. There’s a movement happening right now and most of the smart businesses out there in the world have already joined in on it. If you have a small business the reasons to make the jump are massive. If you have a big business not only do you have an obligation to the environment to implement smart energy management solutions—But your savings will allow you to focus your profits on forward movement and growth.

Here are just five reasons ANY business should “Go Green.”

1.     Public Image

No company or business wants a bad image in the public. By managing your energy usage you can reduce your carbon footprint and show the world that you care about the green movement. In fact, many environmental organizations are taking a stand against businesses that have large carbon footprints. In some situations these organizations are even protesting the business or company—Giving a bad image to their brand. Managing your energy consumption can put you on the other side of this movement and establish your business as a supporter of the green movement.

2.     Sales Increases

Consumers are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and in turn they are choosing to work specifically with companies who are responsible. Making a stance to lower your energy usage will give you credibility as well as an advantage over your competitors.  

3.     Lower Taxes

The government has opened the door to companies by offering up tax breaks for the ones that decide to take the jump. By upgrading your heating and air conditioning systems you can potentially qualify for a 30% tax credit with a cap around $1,500. Going geothermal for your heating system you could quality for 30% tax credit without a cap. Not only will you save money on your energy bill but you could potentially have 30% of the entire system paid for by Uncle Sam.

4.     Lower Operating Costs

Improving your energy efficiency and managing your energy consumption can save your business thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Installing energy efficient heating, cooling, refrigeration, ventilation and lighting can significantly reduce your energy bills – Allowing you to use that money on growth in your market leading to higher profits for your business.  

5.     The Environment

Potentially the most important reason to go green is to conserve the environment. Lowering your energy usage can help the environment recover from industrial damage and lower our use of natural resources. But most importantly, you can’t do business if there’s no planet to do business on.

6. National Security

The more we depend on forgien oil the more we depend on third world countries. If importing oil was to stop or be reduced it creates an un stable control on our gas prices. It may also jeopardize or relations with other countries. The less energy we use, the less we import!