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Building Inspectors

At Building Analyst Group Inc, we perform hundreds of inspections per year. Our rigorously trained building inspection experts have over thirty years of collective experience under their belts. When you enlist our services, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of construction flaws and building irregularities. We will offer you the information you require in order to make informed decisions when purchasing, leasing or selling a commercial building. We specialize in the inspection of commercial properties ranging from multi-family buildings, schools and malls to high rises, warehouses and medical buildings. In most cases, we deliver our report within 24 hours of our inspection. Our team is solution-oriented and would be proud to offer you upkeep suggestions that will prolong the life of your commercial property.

Building Inspection Coverage

For every commercial building, there are several main aspects that need to be checked during an inspection, including the plumbing, heating and air-conditioning system, electrical system, roofing, and structure. Our Los Angeles building inspectors will go over every last detail and report back to you on what kinds of maintenance or repairs are needed for each of these systems. We can also provide you with information about the lifespan of each system and what you can expect out of them while they last. Furthermore, we can tell you about the predicted cost of maintaining each of the systems in the coming 5 years.

Another concern with large open industrial spaces, uneven grade settlement beneath large expanses of concrete slab floor. This can result in cracking where the slab is no longer sufficiently supported. Care needs to be taken to correctly identify the problem, however, since slabs will also crack from shrinkage during curing or from normal aging.

Environmental Testing

building testing will conclude if the building has clean or poor indoor air quality. We provide testing for VOCs, CO, CO2, formaldehyde, PCBs, lead testing in soil, building materials, electronic radon testing, hvac air flow & temperature.

TAB - HVAC Air Balancing

Commercial HVAC systems new or old should be tested for efficiency, air flow, ductwork sizing, electrical, and air exchanges. Many times we find the heat exchanger on older units cracked. This will cause serious issues. We also find the HVAC system is not balanced causing efficiency issues.

Property Condition Reports

Also with change of use, you might be inheriting the toxic byproducts of past industrial processes that ceased to operate long before the current investor arrived on the scene. There may not be any old drums around, but hazards may still be present. This is where a Phase 1 environmental assessment is a critical component of your evaluation of the property.

Commercial Building Inspections

should be left up to professionals. Costly mistakes may occur by hiring a regular home inspector for commercial inspections. Always do your due diligence before hiring an inspector. I believe our certifications, knowledge & licensing speaks for itself. Condition Property Reports,

Multiple Level & Multiple Licenses

Building Analyst Group Inc, is a multi level inspection company and holds multiple licenses. You will not find any of our competitors that retains as many licenses & certifications as us. Our clients receive more services & knowledge in building inspection services.

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Regardless of the level of Commercial Building Inspection (Property Condition Report) ordered, our inspector will find:

  • Inadequate design

  • Improper maintenance or worn systems

  • Equipment nearing the end of its useful life

  • Associated cost with repairs

  • Building code violations

  • Poor workmanship

Most building failures or issues will surface long after the warranty has expired. Inspecting new buildings are as important as existing buildings TEN years old or older.

Building testing 

to evaluate air leakage, moisture intrusion, air quality, gas & oil fired equipment for efficiency, HVAC air balancing, verify energy usage / energy savings plus health & safety concerns.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

  • TVOC testing - total volatile organic compounds

  • VOC testing- volatile organic compounds

  • AIP - air index pollutions

  • CO2 - carbon dioxide

  • CO - carbon monoxide

  • Radon testing

Idaho Commercial Building Inspections
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Commercial Inspections

Fast Food Restaurants

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Structural Supports

Commercial Property Inspections

Building materials like lead, mold and asbestos are often hidden in the recesses of buildings, or under layers of subsequent renovation and refinishing. If you or your environmental consultant do not know what to look for regarding a commercial property inspection, then toxic materials might be easily overlooked – which is very problematic and hazardous.

Commercial Kitchens

Commercial Kitchen Inspections

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HVAC-R Equipment Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Restaurant Ventilation Inspections


Boilers & Venting

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Interior & Exterior Lighting Inspections & Energy Evaluations

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Commercial Roof Inspections

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Weld joints should be reviewed on exisitng buildings

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Medical Facilities Inspections & Pressure Testing

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C-Stores, Gas Station Inspections

Whole Building or System Approach

Most of our clients request a standard narrative Property Condition Report.  The narrative report discusses each building system and will describe all of the significant concerns or defects that were found during the inspection. There are two main approaches in designing an inspection; the whole building approach and the systems approach.


Experience The Difference

Building Analyst Group Inc provides clients with the necessary due diligence information to make an informed decision to purchase a property.

  • Document review, research and interview with the current owner

  • Thorough walk-through survey of the property to gather additional information for due diligence

  • Observation of typical systems, including: grounds, site, parking lot, utilities, structure and building envelop, mechanical and electrical systems, interior components and roof

  • Preparation of Property Condition Report (PCR) with photos based on the information obtained from the interview, document research and walk-through survey

  • PCR identifies the physical deficiencies* and probable costs for the suggested remedies, outlined in an Executive Summary

    Physical deficiencies are conspicuous defects or material deferred maintenance of a subject property’s systems, components, or equipment. Typically, this excludes deficiencies that may be remedied with routine maintenance or minor repairs.

   Commercial Building Inspections including data collection, we provide a complete evaluation of your mechanical & electrical equipment. Our team analyzes many different factors: building materials, thermal and air barriers, building pressures, air balance, duct air flow rate, HVAC, solar load, make up air mixture, equipment operational loads, refrigeration equipment, window R-value, and lighting. With continuous energy modeling you will always be able to review your energy program with a click of a mouse.