Idaho Realtors & Contractors Pre Home Inspections

Contractors & Realtors you now have a reliable home inspection company that understands the importance of selling your home.  

We can remove the stress from you by inspecting and testing the home you have listed for sale.

For new construction homes what we offer,

As a licensed inspection company we conduct our normal inspection plus we test the HVAC, plumbing, electrical outlets. And if we find an issue we fix it.

Meaning if an electrical outlet is not working we troubleshoot it.

If a find a cabinet broken we fix it.

If we find ductwork disconnected we repair it.

Caulking, doors, windows, light fixtures.

All the small things we fix.

In addition we also are certified to test gas fired appliances for efficiency. Fireplaces, HVAC, Hot Water Heaters, etc.

We make sure that your home is not backdrafting CO2!