Oregon Commercial Building Inspection Services

  • Our services range from small commercial to some of the largest buildings. From convenience stores to large manufacturing buildings such as Tree Top Inc. High ries attorney buildings to five story apartment complexes, we do it all.

  • Building Analyst Group Inc, specializing in building envelope systems that include structural, electrical, plumbing, foundations, roofing. Once our inspection process has been implemented we can then move forward with testing.

  • Engineered inspection reporting easy to read templates, to documentation testing of air quality, mechanical equipment, HVAC air flow, refrigeration systems, commercial kitchen equipment to ventilation systems. Our process has helped investors with valuable information before making their final decision.

  • We hold many certifications in addition to OCHI. We are qualified and experience to handle any type of commercial inspection project.

Inspection Testing Services

Testing can be used as a tool to verify compliance with construction documents and manufacturers’ published performance. For unproven or untested assemblies, prefabricated items (panels, windows, and curtain walls), and integration with discrete building systems, it reveals short or long term weaknesses in construction or fabrication. Testing and verification, when used in conjunction with proper design and observations, can be invaluable and pays for itself many times over.


Building Analyst Group Inc assists building owners, architects, contractors, and the construction industry with making buildings perform better. We have a holistic approach to building performance by improving building longevity, mitigating risk of defects, and lowering operational expenses with sound building sciences. Our staff specializes in building envelope systems, roofing, waterproofing, building forensics, mechanical systems, and testing.

In our tool box we carry a wide variety of scientific meters and devices that will help us locate and identify issues.


  • Testing

  • HVAC equipment & ventilation testing

  • HVAC air flow balancing testing

  • Restaurant equipment testing

  • VOC’s Radon, air quality testing

  • Refrigeration system testing

  • Gas fired equipment, efficiency, CO, CO2

  • Radon testing

  • Flue draft, backdrafting testing

  • Electrical, wiring, amperage, voltage data logging

  • Moisture, humidity, water intrusion

  • Building pressure testing

  • Resolving hot & cold room issues

  • long term data collecting humidity & temperatures

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Energy audits