Re-Commissioning Building Maintains Efficiency

Buildings & Mechanical Equipment

Real time activity is recorded and Analyzed


    After being commissioned building performance will decline over time, this is why we recommend automated data collection and long-term monitoring through continuous commissioning. This allows your building to always be running at peak performance levels.

    Re-commissioning maintains savings through ongoing monitoring of devices and fixtures to give real-time feed back regarding energy use and savings. The results allow us to customize your energy plan to suit the needs of your business.  We can automate systems to optimize their usage, so you can focus on your customers needs. Improved system reliability and building comfort are an added benefit.  The system is constantly making changes based on actual building conditions.  Our program is monitoring and data gathering application; 

    Many industrial operations rely on the movement of fluids such as water, air, and raw or final product. While the fans, pumps, and blowers responsible for this movement consume large quantities of energy, it is often the systems and processes they serve that render them inefficient.

    For this reason, Building Analyst Group Inc, employs a holistic approach when improving the energy efficiency of fans, pumps, and blowers. In addition to focusing on pressure, flow, and controls, we analyze the systems in which they are functioning and the operational processes they support. Data logging, in-depth modeling, and simulation often reveal subtle or hidden opportunities to minimize pressure drops and throttling, avoid recirculated flow, utilize speed control, and operate at  efficiency for these prime locations. In some cases, a complete system redesign can lead to substantial reductions in energy use as well as increase system capacity.

Summary of Benefits:

  • Increased equipment reliability

  • Decrease downtime

  • Maintenance savings

  • Increased safety

  • Reduced heat loads

  • Electrical usage reductions of 18% to 25%

  • 24/7 Monitoring & recording

  • Alarm notification

  Continuous data collecting, monitoring and controlling energy usage by one company for the life of a building. We no longer call this commissioning. We call it making sense!

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