Verify your savings and operating costs! 

Commercial Energy Audits are conducted by collecting data, testing and measuring a wide spectrum of mechanical, electrical and gas / oil fired equipment. 

Building Analyst Group Inc, covers commercial properties & facilities. From that small convenient store to industrial warehouses. If you the client are looking to purchase or lease a property it would be in your best interest to have a professional inspect it and provide an energy assessment first.

Energy Management for commercial and industrial facilities helps restore the original intended operating performance of major electrical systems. It targets savings opportunities by evaluating these systems, then identifies no-cost and low-cost efficiency measures for improved performance.

Energy Management Can:

  • Improve system operation and lower energy costs

• Reduce maintenance and repair costs

• Extend equipment life

• Improve occupant comfort and productivity



Triple net lease, if you are entering in to a Lease in  Oregon that states you will be responsible for all expenses which are normally associated with ownership, such as utilities, repairs, insurance and taxes, also called a closed end lease. This type of lease states if a component associated with the building is defective or needs replaced, you are responsible for full replacement costs.

In many facilities when a component needs replaced it could cost many times more than the monthly lease payment. If the building components are inspected and a baseline is established for the estimated remaining life span, you could present this valuable information to the potential landlord before signing the lease and negotiate the responsibilities of the costs that will occur. Further protecting yourself from many unforeseen costs in the future, and adding to your bottom line.

Recommissioning: Every few years mechanical and gas fired equipment should be tested and evaluated to assure proper performance. As equipment in use ages it begins to fail. Recommissioning also will help reduce down time.

Recommissioning: Buildings / structures also need to be recommissioned every few years. The over all performance of a structure changes with time and repairs. Over the years we have seen many buildings in the Portland Oregon area fail. This is because preventive maintenance is never done. Meaning the city doesn't believe in spending the money of resources. They call it reactive maintenance which means, they wait until failure occures. 

  • Electrical motors

  • HVAC

  • Lighting

  • Cooling towers

  • Gas fired

  • Oil fired equipment

  • Water usage

  • Thermal barriers

  • Air barriers

  • Insulation

  • Roofing

  • Solar loading

  • Building pressures

  • HVAC air flow.

Once we have completed your audit we then provide a spreadsheet report that outlines your existing energy usage. In the same report we provide examples for upgrades also outlining savings. In most cases the upgrades save enough energy usage with cash incentives to pay ROI in just a few years. We are one of the few companies in the Pacific Northwest to conduct these audits in house and do not out source. 


Pharmaceuticals are usually stored in controlled environments. However some pharmaceuticals are stored in cold refrigerated rooms or spaces. If certain pharmaceuticals reach warmer conditions they become invalid or expire. It has been known that this has happened without the knowledge of supervisors. These pharmaceuticals are then sold to patients. Which result in issues of course. Oregon law says that the temperature should be checked twice per day, that's it. There are no other inspections or safety checks! With data logging we can inform the client of when that refrigerated conditioned space increased in temperature and for how long. We can deploy our loggers to run for up to one year.

Data Logging

On a larger scale we provide data logging to collect data on electrical, temperatures, amps, watts and loads. Many experts guess or place an average on temperatures, humidity, loads, amps, watts and run time. We do not guess! We can place dozen's of loggers on electrical, mechanical, HVAC, lighting to record operational use. Example: Large warehouse freezers, are they performing efficiently?  Office HVAC systems? Gas fired equipment? Lighting? Once data has been gathered and reports are developed we can then determine the best solution to lower your overall utility usage. Data rooms or clean rooms need to be controlled for temperatures and humidity. This revolves around HVAC and mechanical. Most of the time these rooms remain vacate with no personal. How do you know 24/7 what the environment is? Data logging covers a wide range of possibilities. Office buildings, storage facilities, clean rooms, restaurants, hotels and even residential.