Blue print energy optimization software learns a building’s HVAC energy patterns to predict consumption. Based on these predictions and data sent directly to us, the cloud-based system automatically optimizes energy usage and manages demand response events, while still maintaining occupant comfort.

Graph shows high and low temperatures inside of freezer..See dates and times...

From our dashboard, graph shows temperatures inside of this refrigeration unit. Can search by one hour, day, week or view months. If the data becomes inconsistent you will discover an issue with mechanical. Plus we would receive a alarm notification of any non regular events. It creates a blue print of energy usage of this refrigeration unit.

This dashboard graph displays high side of refrigerate line, "liquid line"


This is a blue print of one refrigeration unit! See spread sheet. Additional sensors can be attached for a full evaluation.

Why is this important?

Over time mechanical equipment will become less efficient. We compare the stored data annually to existing data. Example: A new compressor that usually ran 12 hours per day to maintain zero degrees in a walk-in is now running 16 hours per day a year later. Four additional hours per day times 365 days per year. 1460 hours annually times ten amps at 240 volts. This is 2.4 KWHs times 1460 hours equals 3504 KWHs. At fifteen cents per KWH equals an additional $ 525.60 per year. This is for just one small compressor in your business. This is not including other compressors, HVAC or lighting.  

So why is this compressor using more energy after just one year? Many reasons. Bad seal on door, leakage in refrigeration, loose electrical connection's, faulty thermostat, failing expansion valve, dirty evaporator or condenser coils.