Oregon Fireplaces & Wood Stove Testing

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Do you have problems with your fireplace or wood stove filling up your room with smoke?

A negative pressure in your home or business will cause smoke and deadly gases to backdraft into the condition air space. We have resolved this issue many times. By utilizing our pressure manometer we accurately test rooms or buildings for pressures. 

Watch out: improperly-sealed holes in in-use chimneys are unsafe, risking a building fire or dangerous flue gas leaks, even fatal carbon monoxide gas leaks.

Blocked chimney flues: A chimney will not draw properly if it has been blocked for any reason, such as a birds nest, collapsing flue liner, creosote, or a flue vent connector pushed too far into the chimney at the thimble.

Chimney flue size & location: a chimney which has a flue diameter too small will not vent combustion products properly and may be unsafe.

A chimney flue that is too big may also not vent properly. For example, venting a gas fired water heater into a large diameter masonry flue (perhaps one previously used for a fireplace) may mean that the heater never produces enough heat to establish a good up-draft in the chimney.
One of our clients suffered headaches every October when cold weather approached and her gas fired appliances vented only into the building rather than up through the chimney.

Chimney location: an outside flue may be too cold to develop adequate draft for the appliance vented into it.

Every home should have the interior of the chimney scoped using a video camera. Yes we provide this service as well. All buildings that have gas or oil fired equipment should be tested for pressures.  

Give us a call to troubleshoot any related back drafting issues you may have. 503-884-4866