Oregon Health Care Facility Diagnostic Testing Inspections

Temperature, humidity and building pressures are the key components to protecting patients and employees.

Building Analyst Group Inc, provides a unique inspection service to medical facilities. We help in developing a clean atmosphere out of our tool box.

In order to do so we provide 24/7 monitoring of temperatures, humidity, HVAC system duct flow and more. When a patient has to undergo a medical procedure in an operating room this room should be under a negative pressure. The airborne particles should be pulled out of the room. This should be the same for the waiting room, lab and patient care rooms. The temperatures should always remain below 70 degrees to help prevent bacteria from growing.

The HVAC duct system needs to remain free and clear of mold and mildew. The airflow also needs to be balanced. So if for some reason condensation remains in the duct system then mold will begin to develop. While we inspect areas of the building where outdoor unconditioned air would meet indoor conditioned air then we have condensation. Locating these areas can be done with a thermal camera.

Building pressures has a great deal to do this this as well. Medical building rooms for the most part should be under negative pressure and this is controlled by mechanical make up air venting. We have included a chart for which rooms should be positive and rooms that should be negative pressure.


We utilize manometers to measure a baseline then go to different parts of the building to measure pressures. Sometimes by opening and closing doors will change pressures. Commercial buildings are required to have so many air exchanges per hour. This is based on the occupancy, building use, volume of air.

By utilizing data loggers we can record humidity and temperatures and at the same time measure building pressures. Duct temperature & humidity are recorded. Each room is monitored and recorded. Air flow from the duct systems “supply & return” are measured. There are many other procedures we implement to diagnose medical facilities.

While there is only a hand full of speciality companies that can perform this type of service, we happen to be one of them.