Portland Oregon HVAC Air Flow Temperature Balancing

ASHI, EPA, ICC Certified


Our services will save you energy / dollars and create a better climate zone. With over 20 years in HVAC-R as an installer and service technician we have developed a more efficient way to test & air balance your system.

The difference with us Vs the standard HVAC “TAB” procedures is, we include CO / CO2 testing, efficiency testing & flue draft testing. We also provide a full report on the condition of the equipment. These items are not included in “TAB” procedures.

HVAC Duct Systems air flow. Air conditioning and heating is one of the major costs of utilities.When air flow is balanced correctly all rooms should be near equal temperatures.In some cases this may be impossible due to glazing areas, solar loading, thermal breaks etc. Building science professionals such as us know what to look for while your standard HVAC companies do not.

The standard way HVAC companies balance air flow is by using a flow meter to measure the airflow. However we utilize air flow technology data collecting combined with flow meters to balance systems more accurately.

Data Logger1.jpg

When a system is balanced correctly the airflow should meet the size of that room's volume of air. With a number of rooms of different sizes the airflow is adjusted accordingly. However many times we work on projects with large open spaces such as grocery stores or casinos. Factors come into play for these types of areas. Main entry doors opening and closing, occupancy of how many people are or could be present. Mechanical equipment such as refrigeration equipment or gaming equipment adds heat loads. 

In order to get it correct the first time, we will collect data before starting a project. After the data has been collected then we make adjustments to the duct systems. Again we collect data to see where the temperature & humidity levels are. In most cases we have to make adjustments again. By using this method we get it correct.