Idaho Commercial Building Insurance Inspections

"ASHI & ICC" CERTIFIED Building Inspections

Testing & Measurement Certifications, CAZ, EPA, PTCS, BA, itc,

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Building Analyst Group Inc, licensed general contractor certified to provide commercial & residential building inspections. Existing buildings or new construction we are here to help.

We hold national certifications with 30 years experience evaluating & testing building efficiency, health & safety concerns. Engineered inspection reports covering the framework of your buildings construction.

As a professional building inspection company and building analyst our clients receive the up most positive experience with us. The knowledge with years of experience we deliver far exceeds the common home inspectors ability. Understanding the building envelope on how it works, built and years of weatherization issues that occur provides us the ability to provide excellent overview with engineered reports.

We are a listed vendor with several major insurance companies to provide you with an inspection report. All insurance companies & lenders will accept our inspection reports as a licensed verified Inspection company.

  • Hazards, slip & fall, trees, roots, electrical, drainage, pets.

  • Property, interior / exterior.

  • Roof, condition, type, gutters, flashing.

  • Chimney, scope inspection of the interior.

  • Wood Stove, properly installed.

  • Structural

  • Storage, RV, Chemical.

  • Electrical

  • Equipment, verification

  • Swimming Pool, fencing, electrical, glass, GFIC, pumps, drainage.

Have you been asked to have your home or business inspected for a new insurance policy? Don't be alarmed. The primary reason is to make sure the policy's dwelling amount reflects the cost to rebuild the home or business in the event of a total loss. When you receive an insurance offer, replacement value calculation software is used by your insurance representative to determine the replacement cost. The software is good, and often draws from public records, but every property is unique so the best way to validate the cost to rebuild for the owner is through an insurance inspection.  

The other reason for an inspection is to see what kinds of hazards might exist, and whether they can be corrected.  Inspectors are trained to recognize those conditions that raise the risk of a loss, such as roofs in need of repair or dangerous conditions not known from a phone conversation or web form.  But as the entity who has the most to lose when risky conditions exist, many carriers insist on inspections to protect their interests. 

It has become common for insurance companies to conduct insurance inspections within 30 days of a new policy's inception date. Previously, insurance companies or the agent may have taken exterior pictures and or measurements of the property; today these are available on line.  Now many of the inspections include a walk through of the interior as well.