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VOCs Testing

Interested in having your home or business tested for VOC’s? Volatile Organic, Chemicals.

We also will measure and test for TVOC’s. Total Volatile Organic Chemicals with API Indoor Air Pollution. We will compare your indoor air quality to the outdoor air quality..

Utilizing the latest technology we are able to review the quality of the air you breath and type of chemicals you are breathing as well.

Our process in testing the air quality is conducted by hand held meters designed for testing particles.By doing so we are able to quickly determine the type of bad air you have. If we receive a high count of particles then we move to phase two which involves identifying the source. Once we determined the source of contaminants then we may utilize a more indepth method to test the count of particles in the air.

Asbestos Testing

One of our specialized services is bulk and air asbestos testing. Our team is well-versed in asbestos air clearances for all commercial building environments.

Lead Testing

We offer lead-based paint testing for HUD properties as well as construction lead testing. Whether it’s paint inspections, risk assessments and lead clearances, Building Analyst Group can help with wide ranges of lead environmental testing services.

Mold Testing

Mold is one of most common complaints of property owners, managers and tenants. Building Analyst Group uses a scientific approach to perform mold testing in both air and bulk material. Moisture assessments can be performed as well.

Radon Testing..Our radon test only takes 48 hours and you receive a spreadsheet report.

Radon test.jpg

Radon is an invisible, odorless, and carcinogen gas. Building Analyst Group has in-house radon experts that can perform both long and short-term tests throughout Pacific Northwest. If high radon levels are found, Building Analyst Group assists in the remediation process.

Soil Testing

Building Analyst Group has a team that adhere to your property inspections and oversee your soil sampling needs. Whether it’s Geotech or environmental soil sampling, you can rely on our expertise to provide the information you need. We can test the soil for PCB and have an answer within 30 minutes




TVOC values reported in the literature are mostly not comparable. To increase comparability, TVOC must be defined clearly. Such a definition is given for a specified range of VOCs. The measured concentrations expressed as mass per air volume of identified VOCs within that range are added. Non-identified compounds in toluene equivalents are included and, together with the identified VOCs, they give the TVOC value. Most reported TVOC-concentrations in non-industrial indoor environments are below 1 mg/m3 and few exceed 25 mg/m3. Over this range the likelihood of sensory effects increases. The sensory effects include sensory irritation, dryness, weak inflammatory irritation in eyes, nose, airways and skin. At TVO

  • Formaldehyde  Get an answer in 30 minutes if your home or business has formaldehyde.


The World Health Organization guideline for indoor air formaldehyde concentration is 0.08 ppm (0.1mg/m3). The California Air Resources Board recommends an “action level” of 0.1 ppm and a “target level” of 0.05 ppm or lower for homes. Aside from ALS risk or other nervous system consequences, formaldehyde is a respiratory irritant that causes chest pain, shortness of breath, coughing, and nose and throat irritation, according to the ATSDR. It can also cause cancer, and has been linked to an increased risk of asthma and allergies in kids.Jul 27, 2015

  • CO carbon monoxide is general found in your fossil fuels, however many chemicals are present and provide you with an answer in 30 minutes.

  • CO2 do you know how many types of chemicals that are present in carbon dioxide? We can give you an answer in 10 minutes of the levels of this deadly gas.

PCB Testing


PCB testing is commonly performed on building components and sealants during a demolition. Depending on the type of building, a building survey for regulated materials may need to be performed. Contact us for more information about our environmental testing services.This information applies if you would like to test for the presence of PCBs in a building. Once you have made the decision to test, EPA recommends that you first test the air to determine if building occupants may be exposed to PCBs in the indoor air. This initial step may help prioritize the steps and/or approaches for the renovation or repair work. If you have identified a PCB problem, you will need to characterize it and determine the extent of PCB contamination. It is important to note that even if PCBs are not present in the air, they still may be present in building materials. The commercial production of PCBs started in 1929 but their use has been banned or severely restricted in many countries since the 1970s and 80s because of the possible risks to human health and the environment.

As PCBs are resistant to acids and bases as well as to heat, they have been used as an insulating material in electric equipment, such as transformers and capacitors, and also in heat transfer fluids and in lubricants. PCBs have also been used in wide range of products such as plasticizers, surface coatings, inks, adhesives, flame-retardants, paints, and carbonless duplicating paper.

Chemical Testing

Chemical testing in air and bulk materials is performed when odors cannot be identified in industrial environments to measure potential personal exposure. 

Indoor Air Quality Testing

We use cutting edge technology to diagnose indoor air quality problems, so we can provide the appropriate solution for your building inspection.