Oregon Commercial Inspection Reports

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Inspection Reports

Before the inspection process begins we create a specialized template for that inspection. Example: Apartment buildings may have 20 to 100 apartments. We have to create 20 to 100 in nurmerect order apartments “in our template” that match bedrooms, bath and kitchens. Hotels are the same. Then within that template we include mechanical, plumbing, pools, saunas, laundry, electrical, roofs, etc. Warehouses and office buildings, again we create a special template just for that inspection.

The inspection report and how knowledgeable your inspector is will report issues on building issues small or large. Depending if it is a minor or a major issue will help the negotiating process.On most inspections we have conducted we have found issues that needed repaired to satisfy building codes. In some cases we have saved buyers $20,000.00. to $140,000.00

Commercial inspections, It's not uncommon to spend several days on small commercial buildings and weeks on large commercial.  It usually takes as much time completing the report.

The more education and background in building technology a inspector has the better inspection you will receive. Not all inspections are the same. We have seen property inspections that were completed with major items missed. Those items will cost the new owner thousands of dollars. 

Do your research on the inspector you decide to use.