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A multi level & multi licensed commercial inspection & testing company!

As an investor you need the best inspection possible. As you know and understand commercial buildings are complex and you need an inspector that is qualified.

Apartment building inspections:

Apartment buildings are usually built as a wood structure with a poured concrete foundation. Sounds simple, right! Each apartment has its own electrical panel, plumbing, windows, doors. In some cases they have their own balcony and stairs. You have top and bottom floors “neighbors”. Many things can go wrong with apartment buildings. When inspecting each apartment it should be treated as a house. However the structure as a whole should be inspected accordingly as a large commercial building.

Buyers / investors need a professional, knowledgeable and experience company to look out for their best interest. I have personally spent over 35 years in the construction trades. 20 of those years as a licensed general contractor, 10 years in building science. I have literally implemented engineered retrofit buildings to reduce energy consumption by 33% and improved the infrastructure to maintain efficiency health & safety. This involves inspecting to construction of the building envelop top to bottom. From my perspective when visually inspecting buildings exceeds the standard requirements. I spent most of my time as a laborer & business owner to develop the skills as a building inspector.

Our Commercial Building Inspections comply with the scope of work specified in ASTM E2018 and includes a comprehensive visual inspection of the building's construction including the following:

Our clients receive the up most positive experience with us. Why?

  • The knowledge with years of experience we deliver far exceeds the common home inspectors ability

  • Custom designed engineered inspection templates

  • We include more photos and report on facts

  • We do not rush our inspections to get to the next inspection

  • Our focus is to provide the client with clear unbiased reports

  • We are state licensed and nationally certified

  • We are certified to offer building inspection condition reports “testing”, our competition does not!

  • Our level of certified inspections include ICC building codes, ASHI building inspections, itc, EPA, BA, CAZ, PTCS testing.