Boise Idaho Luxury Home Real Estate Inspections

ASHI Certified Commercial Inspections 

Because of the size and scope of custom-built luxury homes and the complex concerns that may arise, these buyers routinely ask, "Which inspections do I need when purchasing a home?" 

Luxury homes require a professional since most of the homes are constructed on a large site with possible drainage issues, a large number of mature specimen trees, and may have a sizable swimming pool with spa that incorporates sophisticated pumps and waterfalls. The home itself may have an expansive footprint, which means multiple heating and cooling zones, lots of windows and doors, a large roof area that may have cracked tiles and interior challenges, from mold to leaks and unwanted pests. It also may have problems with high-tech electronics systems for media equipment, complex lighting programs and safety systems, from burglar to fire and water. 

It is important to only hire an ASHI-certified inspector. In order to become ASHI certified, that person must take and pass the National Home Inspectors Technical and Ethics Exam.

Below is a list of our certifications and licensing for your review. We believe in being transparent and so should all other lagit inspection comapines.  

  • Oregon Contractors License

  • National Home Inspectors License "ASHI"

  • BPI "Building Performance Institute"

  • CAZ "Combustion Testing"

  • PTCS "Performance Tested Comfort Systems"

  • IECC "International Energy Codes"

  • ITC "Infrared Training Center"

  • Idaho "Contractors License"

  • EPA "Environmental Protection Agency of Engineering"

  • 30 years in the building trades


Luxury buyers seek inspections for two prime reasons. The first is to make sure that the home is right for their functional needs, and that they won’t have to contend with major repair problems that come with deferred maintenance. The second reason is to identify any issues before removing final contingencies and provide room for further negotiation. Buyers may request a seller repair those problems prior to closing, negotiate a price reduction, or provide a credit to make a future repair.  Many buyers prefer a repair credit with control over hiring vetted contractors of their choice. There are instances when sellers hire inferior vendors, and cut corners when repairs are within their control. Here is a list of inspections I recommend to my luxury home buyers.

In some cases luxury homes are larger "sq feet" and are considered a mansion. We classify a mansion when it exceeds 15,000 sq ft.The volume of air that has to be conditioned to sustain comfortable climate zones plus plumbing and additional electrical systems maybe more complex. These types of inspections are not your simple two hour inspection. 

Below is a list of areas that should be covered in your inspection report. We have also included additional services on request. 

  • Furnace / AC Units

  • Electrical Panels & Outlets

  • Chimney "Scope Inspection"

  • Water Heater / Boilers

  • Roof and Gutters

  • Kitchen Appliances / Countertops

  • Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment

  • Mechanical Equipment Testing "Additional"

  • Exhaust Hoods "Testing"

  • Foundations / Framing / Welding Joints

  • Grading Landscaping

  • Driveways / Sidewalks / Handicap

  • Porches / Decks

  • Stairs / Railings

  • Fences / Retaining Walls

  • Attics / Insulation / Ventilation

  • Ventilation & Duct Systems

  • Floors / Walls / Ceilings

  • Doors / Windows / Glazing Areas

  • Siding / Trim

  • Plumbing System

  • Bathrooms / Handicap Accessible

  • Basements / Slabs

  • Sump Pumps

  • Fire Suppression Systems

  • Swimming Pools / Saunas

  • Watersheds / Drainage / Water Screens

  • Underground Sewer Pipe "Additional"

  • Air Quality / Building Pressures

  • Radon "Additional"

  • Gas Leak Testing

  • Humidity Testing / Carbon Dioxide Testing

  • Environmental Concerns Lead Testing "Additional"

  • Energy Usage Verification "Additional"

  • Soil Testing :Additional"

  • Water Testing "Additional"

  • Sewer Line Scope Inspection "Additional"

  • Building / Room Pressure Testing "Additional"

"SOP" Standard Operating Procedures: In states that require licencing for home inspectors it is required that realtors cannot or should not recommend a licensed inspector. If they do so it becomes bias. For many years before governing agencies realized this was a major concern, realtors and home inspectors would team up. Realtors would only use a inspector that would overlook issues so that the sale of the home would move quickly. In cases such as this, the buyer would discover major issues after the home was purchased. However in states that do not require licensing "Idaho" the owner has no recourse. Our recommendation to buyers is to do your research.