Oregon Physical Needs Assessments (PNA) for local clients.

  • Site’s grounds (pavement, curbs, loading docks, walks, landscaping, irrigation, drainage, exterior lighting, walls, fencing/railing signage and exterior amenities)

  • Structural systems

  • Building envelope (roofing, exterior walls and finished)

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing infrastructure

  • Regulatory compliance issues (life safety, fire suppression systems, and general visual review of property compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act)

We work with all local building, zoning, and fire department / authorities to identify any currently outstanding building or fire code violations at the property. Physical Needs Assessment (PNA) reports can be modified according to a client’s purpose. Upon completion of a PNA, we provide our clients a report on the physical condition of their property which includes recommendations to correct any conditions that may affect the health or safety of current or future residents.