Corporate Policy:


Once a agreement has been made by our company and the client a verbal agreement is honored the same as a written agreement. Either by phone or in person once a service call or appointment has been made we then schedule it on that day and time. The client has the right to cancel that appointment either by phone or text message at no cost as long as it has been done according to our policy. If you do call or text us you will receive a reply. All cancellations must be made within 24 hours prior to that appointment.Any appointments not canceled prior to 24 hours you will be billed for the orginal service call. Why is this important? If you the client take up our scheduling time this means we cannot schedule another appointment in your place. So if you cancel at the last minute or hour this leaves us with down time. 

If we arrive at your home or business and the client is not available once again this is considered downtime to our company. If you need to cancel or reschedule please do so 24 hours prior to the appointment. Thank you.


Custom orders of lighting or equipment products include, recessed, track, tubes, & HVAC equipment are non refundable. Be sure to review your invoice before placing the order or deposit.

Retro fit LED lighting products are custom to build orders. Because of the LED industry constantly changing we do our best to keep up with the technology. In some cases we do have demo units installed first for approval by owner. Once we receive authorization we then will place the order. Once a deposit has been applied, the order cannot change. Change orders will increase the cost. Cancelled orders will result in re-stocking fees, shipping charges and administration fees.

  • We purchase directly from manufactures and not second or third parties. If our manufacture has discontinued a product you have purchased we will then substitute a new product with your consent.
  • LED-Chips-Diodes: Are  manufactured outside the United States.
  • Our company is not a electrical contractor. In most cases we hire journeymen electricians or sub out the installations. However because of the years of experience we have and contractor law we can work on existing electrical systems.


Warranty: We are a manufactures rep and honor the warranty provided by them. At time of purchase you will be provided with the same warranty.  We do inform you of these warranty's during the demonstration and at time of purchase. Contractors installation warranty is one year.

We normally stock equipment. We do a great deal of business with oversea manufactures. This is why custom orders may take up to 30 days for processing.

DLC & UL means certified bulbs are entitled to cash incentives. Non certified bulbs may not qualify. Check your local PUD to see if they offer incentives.

According to ORS. 479.530 "10&11" & exemptions ORS. 479.540 non licensed electrical devices or equipment can be installed by a contractor without electrical license. LED light bulbs are a non licensed application. Light bulbs do not qualify as a electrical device or equipment. Light bulbs certified or not can be sold in the USA.

LED equipment can be damaged by electrical spikes, existing buildings with issues and acts of mother nature. We, nor does our manufacture provide replacement or warranty on damaged equipment caused by acts of mother nature. lighting, flooding, water damage, roof leaks, existing wiring or human era.

Workmanship warranty: We provide a one year warranty on all labor and materials. Disclaimer: If we replace existing equipment on your home or business we do not warranty your property. What does this mean? If we replace an HVAC system for example, and the floor or roof beneath your existing equipment is in poor condition or has issues, we will not warranty from damage or leaks. If your building or the condition of your building causes damage to our workmanship we will not warranty our work or equipment.  

Example: We replace your existing light fixture and a few months later it stops working. We discover your existing wiring is in poor condition, we will not warranty your wiring.

Example: We replaced your existing light fixtures in a drop ceiling or hard ceiling. A few years later you call us because our "equipment" LED fixture is not working. Our inspection concludes water stains on ceiling tiles and also discover you had a roof leak, we do not warranty damage from mother nature or issues caused by your building or existing condition of your property that causes damage to our products we sell or install to you.  We see this very often where clients in some cases try to hide or not disclose issues resulting in damage. 

Example: If we remove existing equipment from your roof to install new equipment, we do not cover damages or warranty your roof. Why? It is possible your roof has not been maintained over the years by you or previous owners. Once we point out or see damages or lack of maintenance it is not our responsibility to fix, repair or replace the roof. You the client agrees to these terms and conditions once a payment of work has been paid, or acceptance of work by us. 

As with all warranty's and disclaimers, you the client must read and except this policy before moving forward with our company. When you hire us or purchase from us we assume you have read and excepted our policy and warranty terms. This means once you provide acceptance to move forward either by email, text or verbal communications you have accepted our terms, policy and conditions. 

HVAC: Retro fit: Retro fit means we replace existing equipment. We do not add or change the original installation. Light fixtures. We strip the existing fixture of ballast or bulbs then replace with new LEDs.

Retro Fit: HVAC-R equipment. We remove old equipment and do not change electrical, gas or plumbing. 

New Installs. A permit should be pulled on all new installs. New installs means, there was not existing equipment, wiring or plumbing in place. 

Building Inspections, a home or business inspection is not a warranty.During our inspections which are usually non invasive meaning we do not remove panels, hatches, wiring or plumbing. If for some reason an item is not working after our inspection that was working prior to the inspection, please give us a call. 

We will do our best to keep our customers satisfied.


"BAG" Building Analyst Group Inc.