Our inspection policy states that when you hire us and send back our pre inspection agreement signed you are agreeing to locking in that inspection day and time. On our pre inspection agreement form you have agreed to a price for that inspection. Our pre agreement outlines, sq ft, type of building with any additional buildings, garages, wells, sprinkler system, pool, sauna, etc. Once we lock in and schedule your inspection this means we will show up on that day and time. It also means that time slot is now taken up with your scheduled inspection. If you decide to cancel your inspection you can do so providing it is within 48 hours of the scheduled inspection time. If you wait to cancel inside of this 48 hours meaning 24 hours prior to the inspection you agree to pay 50% of the price quoted for this cancellation. Why? Because we could have scheduled a different appointment in your place. This means we will now have down time. If you need to reschedule the inspection please do so 48 hours prior to the scheduled inspection.

Please make sure all utilities are on. We cannot provide a full detailed inspection if the utilities are off. If we show up on the day of the inspection and all or part of the utilities are off you will be charged for the full inspection.

Our inspections do not cover warranty’s and does not provide a warranty. We do not sell warranties.


On the day we are scheduled for testing, please make sure all utilities are on.

Please make sure one of the following is present. Tenant, owner, lessor, building manager, realtor is available.

If we are conducting a test on equipment that is a brand new install this is called commissioning. Please make sure we have all drawings, blue prints, product information available. Model number, serial numbers, specifications. Please make arrangements to have one of the installers either present on site or available by phone. if we have a question regarding the equipment we need to speak with the installer. It is mandatory to have a technician available from your company on the scheduled day and time of the test.

On existing equipment testing. This could be re-commissioning or simply to test a number of electrical, gas or oil fired equipment to see the efficiency, safety or to test operational protocol. We test a wide range if different types of equipment. Safety is first!

We are not responsible if equipment we are testing fails to start or stop. We of course will do our very best to figure out the reason why.


We install a good variety of equipment relating to energy efficiency. As a general contractor we always provide a one year labor warranty. All manufactures we deal with provide a warranty that we pass on to our clients. Some warranties are one year, five year and even ten years. During the first year you are 100% covered. However after the first year labor is no longer included. Please ask or read the warranties we provide on invoices.