Portland Oregon Exhaust & Ventilation Testing

 For decades we have worked in this industry from HVAC-R to duct systems.

Our climate zones in the Pacific Northwest can be unique when compared to other parts of the country. From rain, moisture, humidity to the high desert to the valley.

I believe we have seen it all when it comes to oversized to undersized duct systems and equipment. Maintaining a comfortable climate zone sometimes is a challenge.

We troubleshoot buildings utilizing building science knowledge with a toolbox of electronic measuring devices. Of course our knowledge in these systems are a result of installations for over 30 years. So I believe we are more than qualified. Most if not all HVAC contractors are not equipped to perform the services that we do. Simply because they would rather do the install or service work.

What we do: Depending on the square footage of your building, glazing areas, insulation we calculate the volume of air in the area of heating or cooling. Then we look at your existing systems size including ducts. Providing it has been sized correctly we will measure the airflow from the supply and return. At the same time we measure the temperatures. We will also measure the temperatures near exterior walls. When we record temperatures we are also measuring humidity. Sounds simple right?

While some buildings may have more air leakage other buildings may have more make up air. Then there are buildings with no insulation. So if you are having issues with your building feel free to give us a call.

Commercial applications are far more interesting to troubleshoot than residential.