Redmond Oregon Commercial Building Inspections

"ASHI & ICC" CERTIFIED Building Inspections

Testing & Measurement Certifications, CAZ, EPA, PTCS, BA, itc,

Oregon: 503-884-4866

At Building Analyst Group, we have earned the trust of America by consistently exceeding the highest quality service standards. We understand that a poor inspection not only represents a loss in your time, it also represents a loss in your investment. That’s why we work hard to pay attention to every detail in the inspection process.

Yes we travel the Pacific Northwest providing our building inspection & testing services at no additional cost. We enjoy showing our clients what a professional company can do for them. Once you experience our services, you will wonder why you continue using the same old company you have been using. Yes we are that different!

Our clients receive the up most positive experience with us. Why?

  • The knowledge with years of experience we deliver far exceeds the common home inspectors ability

  • Custom designed engineered inspection templates

  • We include more photos and report on facts

  • We do not rush our inspections to get to the next inspection

  • Our focus is to provide the client with clear unbiased reports

  • We are state licensed and nationally certified

  • We are certified to offer building inspection condition reports “testing”, our competition does not!

  • Our level of certified inspections include ICC building codes, ASHI building inspections, itc, EPA, BA, CAZ, PTCS testing.

Standard visual inspections covers the following

      • Structural

      • Foundation

      • Furnace / AC Units / Boilers

      • Electrical Panels & Outlets

      • Chimney "Scope Inspection"

      • Water Heater

      • Roof and Gutters

      • Kitchen Appliances / Countertops

      • Commercial Kitchen Cooking Equipment

      • Mechanical Equipment Testing "Additional"

      • Exhaust Hoods "Testing"

      • Foundations / Framing / Steel Welding Joints

      • Grading Landscaping

      • Driveways / Sidewalks

      • Porches / Decks

      • Stairs / Railings

      • Fences / Retaining Walls

      • ADA American Disabilities Act

      • Attics / Insulation

      • Ventilation & Duct Systems

      • Floors / Walls / Ceilings

      • Doors and Windows

      • Siding and Trim

      • Plumbing System

      • Bathrooms

      • Basements / Slabs

      • Sump Pumps

      • Fire Suppression Systems

      • Boilers

      • Watersheds

      • Underground Sewer Pipe "Additional"

      • Air Quality / Building Pressures

      • Radon "Additional"

      • Environmental Concerns Lead Testing "Additional"

      • Energy Usage Verification "Additional"

      • Soil Testing :Additional"

      • Water Testing "Additional"

After we provide our professional visual inspection on the home or business, there are a few more interesting procedures you may consider. 

  • Chimney Inspection Video: The interior lining of a fireplace chimney should be inspected prior to the purchase of a home, this may save you an additional expense. This inspection should be done after the chimney has been cleaned. We check for cracks and defects that are not covered by a standard inspection.

  • Pressurization test inspection on a home or business that has gas fired appliances: Very important that all fossil fuel appliance's will draft properly and burn efficiently. Back drafting of carbon monoxide will happen when a home has negative pressure. Exhaust fan's, leaky HVAC ductwork will cause negative pressure.

  • HVAC Airflow measurements and temperature difference in the duct system would pay for itself in the long run. Taking temperature measurements from the supply and return duct system will provide information on efficiency and defects. Taking airflow CFM measurements will also provide operational defects if any.