Oregon & Idaho Commercial LED Lighting

UL & DLC listed retro fit LED's

5 Year Manufacture Warranty

Our 95 watt replaces a 400 watt MH, & provides more light, no maintenance.

    Our Retro fit LED replacements save you time and money utilizing the same fixtures, Grandfathering in your previous install and allowing you to get the savings and increase in efficiency that you need and want.

    We custom design each shoebox by removing existing ballast and bulb. Replacing an existing 400 watt MH then insert our 95 watt LED cluster with yoke mount. This allows the LED to be fitted using existing Edison "screw in". This retro fit application provides 20% more light than traditional lighting.


   95 watt modular can be used in any application for replacing an existing 400 watt HID. Retro fit into any existing shoebox or fixture.

  • Built in lighting control-6-5-1
  • Redundant drivers preventing failure
  • Built in surge & thermo protection
  • Cooling fan to prevent over heating
  • Higher lumen's than our competitors
  • Optics to drive more light to the ground
  • Turret mounts allowing clusters to adjust 360 degrees
  • U.S.A manufactured

                                                            You have a choice of colors to choose from in LED lighting.


    Replacing existing 1000 watt MH or high pressure sodium fixtures.

    We custom build a aluminum plate to fit inside the existing shoebox. The plate with pre cut holes large enough to mount three of our 95 watt clusters inside, total 285 watts. Each having there own driver. This is a redundant lighting system. If for any reason one cluster or driver fails, you still have two working LEDs. You will never be without lighting.

    Our LED drivers provide two types of protection. A built in surge protector and a thermo over load device. This is to prevent over heating of the LED.

Application for canopies, high & low bays, parking and car lots.

Use our calculator to see your savings. USA made products.

Three clusters built on one plate.

285 watt retro fit into existing shoebox.

285 watts with three LED clusters

Three 95 watt per shoe box retro fit LEDs. Super bright and saving 75% energy.

All LED fixtures must be kept cool. Most manufactures are just now learning that built in fans do help. For all those LED fixtures that were installed without fans, expect them to fail. This is a redundant system. With three drivers to operate three clusters, if one was to fail the customer will still have lighting.

    Rumors: Some companies or organizations have created rumors that retro fit LED application may fail due to heat. Nothing could be further from the truth. They say an existing shoebox are not vented so the LEDs will over heat. This would mean all of our LEDs have failed. We have over one thousand retro fit fixtures in place for nearly three years now. Not one failure!

    Shoe box's are not air tight. The existing MH or high pressure sodium bulbs reach 180 degrees inside these box's. If over heating was an issue why doesn't these fixtures catch fire or fail?  The reason we suspect these companies misinform the consumer is because they want to market their LEDs of course. Or they are promoting manufactures that do not manufacture retro fit LEDs. Retro fit applications are less expensive and much easier to install.

     By using retro fit LEDs we are using the existing fixture "housing" and not mass producing plastic fixtures creating more pollution. The LED industry is rapidly changing. The new shoe box's being built today may not be available in several months. So once you purchase a design for a pole light it will be very unlikely you will be able to match it with the same design in a few years.

    We have seen more request for LEDs with cooling fans. Smart buyers know that if LEDs over heat they fail. With our magnet fan "no bearings" keeps the LEDs very cool. Meaning longer life. For all those LED fixtures built a few years ago that do not have cooling fans, yes they will not last very long. This technology for most manufactures was not available two or three years ago.

    Our competitors know for a fact they need better cooling for LED lighting. As we increase in lumen s per fixture, it does create more heat. Other manufactures are limited on wattage and lumen s. But they are not going to inform you of that. Do your own research.