Commercial LED Lighting, Interior & Exterior Lighting Projects

Built in lighting control called 6-5-1. When selected first six hours on at full power, next five hours at 50% power, last hour back at 100%. Designed to save more energy! At 100 lumen s per watt using Philips chips this is our best retro fit LED fixture.


How smart are our LED's


   Not all LED's are created equal. The type of chip and manufacturing method are key to brightest and longevity. Our LED's low watt fixture contains a built in lighting control chip to maximize savings and enabling us to customize settings directly to fit your needs.

    The standard settings is 6-5-1; this relates to first six hours full power, next five hours 50% power and last hour back to 100%.   This helps reduce the ROI, save more energy and the LEDs last longer.

    During winter months. The sun goes down at approx 4:30 Pm. Exterior lighting comes on at full power until 10:30 Pm.  Then go into cut back phase for the next five hours to 50% less. This is ideal for car lots! If you currently have 1000 watt HIDs we reduce it to 285 watts with more light. With lighting control active after the first six hours they cut back to 142.5 watts saving even more. At 142.5 watts still provides enough light on the ground than most other LED fixtures at full power.

    Our LEDs cut back 50% until 3:30 Am. In summer months, exterior lighting comes on at approx 9:00 Pm. At 3:00 Am our LEDs cut back 50% for the next five hours. Sun comes up before our LEDs go back to full power.

   Redundancy in lighting: With all other LED lighting they are supplied with just one driver. If driver fails you experience the loss of light. With ours when replacing a existing 1000 HID, you receive three 95 watt LEDs with three drivers. If one driver fails you still have 190 watts of light!

  This feature is great for parking lot applications.  A second set of dip switches when activated, can set the fixture to 70 watts, 80 watts, or 95 watts. No need to purchase several wattage's of LED fixtures.

    Our retro-fit applications, has the patented lens to direct light to the ground, not in the air. You receive a higher savings and better ROI utilizing our smart 6-5-1 technology. Our high bay lighting fixtures project over 100 lumen's per watt with a spread of light at 180 degrees..

LED chips



    Depending on the diode "chip" manufacture's will have the largest impact on lumen s, heat and warranty. Depending on the optics per chip has a large impact on how much light will be projected to the ground.


   Our LEDs can be built with the following optic's. 25, 50, 75 and 180 degree spread of light.

    Custom Designed Lighting:
    Our lighting team will conduct photo metrics studies in the design of your project before any work begins to establish better lighting.

    We provide several types of fixtures but our fame in the lighting world is our Revolutionary LED retro-fit product line. Our GT LED fixtures are made in the United States of the highest quality materials. We have a firm commitment to keeping jobs in the U.S. We also offer a 10yr, 100,000 hour warranty on this lighting products. 

    Below "image", is the back side of our 3 cluster design. Three LED cluster each produce 95 watts each, total 285 watts. Three drivers not one. All other manufactures have built their LEDs onto one large piece of metal. The metal is a heat sink. Heat sinks are suppose to displace heat from the LEDs. Their design does not have a cooling fan. As you can clearly see, our LEDs are built on a heat sink plus a cooling fan. This fan has no bearings and will out last the LEDs.

    Protection: Our drivers have built in protection from electrical spikes and thermo protection. If our product receives a electrical surge it will shut down for ten minutes then comes back on. If for some reason the fixture reaches 132 degrees, ours shut down, cools off then comes back on.

     We deliver longevity not looks.

    The 285 watt image you are reviewing replaces a 1000 HID watt bulb.

Built USA Tough!

    Front side of LED fixture. We use the :existing shoe box" decor. Remove existing guts of old MH and drop in our plate. Takes less than fifteen minutes.

    When using the dip switch we can turn on lighting controls. 6-5-1, eliminates add on controls that will cost you even more. With this control our modular comes on at full power for the first 6 hours, the next five hours 50% less power, the last reaming hours back up to full power. This advantage saves even more on your power bill. Smart technology in LED lighting!