UL & DLC listed T-5 LED tubes.

T-5 LED HO 6 tube high bay 4 foot fluorescent LED tubes 54 watts per tube Vs -Our T-5 six tube fixture to the left, you can clearly see the colors on the rack below compared to Philips HO to the right.

  Our new design to retro fit existing T-5 high output fixtures out performs conventional  manufactures fluorescent tubes.

     We built the first T-5 LED four foot 6 bay fixture. LEDs are longer lasting with no harmful chemicals. Today's existing T-5 HO's are normally 54 watts per tube. Our replacement 17, 20 & 22 watt 5000K directional beam of light places more light on the ground than fluorescent's.

Custom built fixtures are available. UL listed fixtures & tubes.

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    We custom build both T-5 high output fixtures with six tube 20 watt LED tubes and 22 watt standard T-5 fixtures. Both are equal in light production. However we see many T-5 HO in the field that uses 324 watts per fixture. Ours uses 132 watts per fixture projecting equal amount of light on the ground. Plus no maintenance.


Led type:SMD3528 


Beam Angle:120D

Fittings:G13 bi-pin,single pin base,both are available

Voltage:347v AC,50/60Hz


Housing material:Aluminum+PC cover

Service life:50,000Hours


Warranty:5years warranty