Verify Energy Savings Oregon Commercial Buildings

Identifying electrical consumption is of key importance in helping to reduce and control energy usage and costs.

Power usage monitoring with Energy Logger, and analysis of results, can help identify how much electrical energy is used over a given time period and demonstrate the patterns of usage.

Typically, the Energy Logger is used in commercial premises such as large and small industrial units, social clubs, distribution warehouses, hotels and retail premises. The logger is connected to the mains incoming supply, usually for one week; however, where relevant, the monitoring period is extended to particular areas, normally at the request of the client when they want more specific usage data. Results are used to identify areas of power wastage where interventions can be installed such as low energy fittings, occupancy control, timers, etc. in order to improve efficiency and costs.

At Building Analyst Group Inc, we can help businesses verify energy savings that your contractor has promised you.

Thinking about replacing all your interior or exterior lighting with LEDs? Yes we know they will save you $ but how much? 

Before your project is installed we can install our data loggers at the incoming power at your electrical panel. We select the line voltage at the breaker to your lighting. Install our data loggers to record usage for one week or one month. Our data loggers are self contained and can store data for up to one year. However for lighting we estimate one week will be accurate.

Once your new install has been completed we return to re-install our data loggers to collect data again for the same time period. A spread sheet report is then produced outlining before and after. 

In all cases of  upgrades no one can honestly tell you exactly how much you are saving. Only estimates are provided. The owner of the business can review some savings after the project has been completed.  Lighting is small part of the electric bill with many other devices using electric. We can identify and separate all electrical devices using power. 

In most cases the contractor will provide an ROI "return on investment". How accurate are ROI's?

We do more than third party verification's.  We also offer verification on HVAC-R equipment, elevators, compressors, boilers,  solar, etc.